Meet Pat

image0Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve done many things in my life, but through it all I’ve always been a storyteller at heart. After decades in the corporate world, I retired from my banking career to become a writer. And now I spend my time inventing stories for curious kids – simply for the fun of it.

You can also find me and my books at:

And for something totally different, I enjoy boomer ranting and poking fun at the golden years on my crusty blog at:

See you between the lines,

Pat Lamondin Skene


One thought on “Meet Pat

  1. Was in Britt & at the cottage last week. We had Diana Karwaski & Elaine Bushey Wright out for dinner. They were picked up and ferried home by our son Christopher,.who is staying at the cottage for the summer. The evening was much too short as we made connections around an interview that Fred Holmes had had with my Aunt Helen (Biasucci) Packham. One of the revelations was that Elaine’s mother, Nellie worked at the hotel. She was also a rug maker charging pennies for her rugs.How I wish I could have seen her at work!!


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