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The time has come, the Walrus said,
To talk of many things…

– Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Check out my blog for parents, grandparents, boomers and other humans at  BOOMERRANTZ 

This is where I write, rant and rave into the blogosphere about the adventures and misadventures of everyday life.

My mission with BOOMERRANTZ  is to express some aging boomer opinions – about how I perceive the world around me, in all its glory and carbuncles.

Why rant? Like a good liver cleanse, ranting helps to flush out the clogged arteries of my cranky zones, and restore a sense of balance to my crusty rusty scales.

What can you expect? Humourous reflections and unbridled ranting or raving, depending on my constitution du jour. I promise a new post whenever the rantz in my pantz need a good airing out, or I simply need to tell you something fabulous.

Go to BOOMERRANTZ now and have a chuckle on me.

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