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This is a blog about inspiring children to become life-long readers and avid book lovers. So why Press Here to Start?  

Well, in order to make things happen in this world, we need to press here, inside ourselves, to start.

I learned this from Gadoosh, a character in one of my picture books, The Whoosh of Gadoosh. She empowered children to whoosh and do magical things, when they pinned a ‘Press Here to Start’ button over their hearts, simply for the fun of it.

So that was my motivation for establishing Press Here to Start Publishing a couple of years ago. And now, as an extension of that endeavour, I would like to introduce, Press Here to Start…reading.

My goal with this site is to bring you and the children in your lives, my love of language in as many inspirational and entertaining ways as I can. Reading can be fun at any age. But with the never-ending stream of distractions in today’s world, competition for entertainment is fierce.

How can we help children to love books from the day they’re born? Why do they benefit from rhyming stories at an early age? What can we do to inspire kids to read, before they decide electronics are more fun?

That’s what I’m talking about.

So with this in mind, I’ll bring you some interactive exercises, engaging articles and of course, lots of FREE STORIES for you to read, rhyme, recite and share, share, share…

So let’s Press Here to Start and I’ll see you between the lines,

Pat Skene

Contact:   pressheretostart@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Pat,
    Would you consider books for Young Adults (17 and up) within your scope?
    I am asking because I wrote a book for adults and mature young adults with an interest in adoption. The theme is what happened when a birth dad comes back in the picture seven years after her adoption, when the main protagonist, Shayla, is 17 years old. I am not sure whether it is suitable for that age range or whether I should market it strictly for adults. I need some professional advice.
    Thanks so much for your reply.


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